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Micmac Dictionary
LIST OF MICMAC NAMES of Places, Rivers, Animals, Things, Etc., in Nova Scotia. Compiled by Elizabeth Frame.
Cambridge: John Wilson and Son. University Press, 1892.

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SOUND OF LETTERS IN MICMAC: The consonants are sounded as in English: g is always hard, as in go, egg, and c exactly like k; ch as in church; h following a vowel in the same syllable is a soft guttural, like the German ch in Ich. There is no f in Micmac; when attempting to pronounce French or English words which contain this letter, the Indians give it the sound of b or p.

  1. MAAKAN: Maccan River in Cumberland County.
  2. MABOUT: a river in Cape Breton.
  3. MADAWAAK: a point where two rivers come together.
  4. MAGEPSKEGECHK: tumbling over large rocks; Gaspereaux River, in Horton, King's County.
  6. MAKPAAK: Malpeque, in P.E.I.
  7. MAKPAACHK: first and second lakes on Moses River.
  8. MALIPKANCH: a hazel-nut.
  9. MASKWE: general name for bark.
  10. MAYOOBEGILK: end of the flowing (meaning the bound of the rushing water, the tide or bore); Cobequid, Truro, now Salmon River.
  11. MEGAMAAGE: Nova Scotia; land of the Micmacs.
  12. MEGWAJIJIK: the Red Indians of Newfoundland.
  13. MEGWAS-A: Belfast in P.E. Island.
  14. MEMKAAK-KWESAWA: Pandora Point.
  15. MENAGWES: St. John, N.B.
  16. MENICHK: a berry.
  17. MENOODY: a bay; Minudie, Cumberland County.
  18. MEOWCH: a puss, a cat.
  19. MES-ADEK, MESADEK: Long Island, Horton, Nova Scotia.
  20. MESEEBAKUNUK: Sambro Cape.
  21. MESPAAK: Cape Mispek.
  22. MIGOONAASIT: the out-spreader; a peacock.
  23. MIJEOGUN: St. Lawrence River.
  24. MILASUK: Bridgeport.
  25. MILAPSKEGECHK: third lake on Moses River.
  26. MILCHEGAACH: Meander River in Newport, Hants County.
  27. MIMKWOKUN: an acorn.
  28. MIMKWONMOOSE: the oak.
  29. MISEGUMISK: Scraggy Lake.
  30. MISTOOGOOK: Mistouche River.
  31. MOINAWA: bear's meat.
  32. MOO-AUMOOK, MOOAUMOOK: he is from home.
  33. MOOIN: a bear.
  34. MOOINEI: a bear-skin.
  35. MOOSEGISK: the atmosphere.
  36. MOOTPOON: an animal's bed.
  37. MPOGUN: a bed.
  38. MISOOKWEEL: the bark for building a canoe.
  39. MTABAN: mud bridge; Wolfville, Nova Scotia.
  40. MTAE: a beaver-skin.
  41. MTOODOOK: Little River, Mira, Cape Breton.
  42. MUNAGESUNOOK: the Magdalen Islands.
  43. MUNA'PSKW, MUNAPSKW: a ledge of rocks.
  44. MUNDOO: Satan. This is the Algonkin name for the Great Spirit, but applied to the devil by the first Christian missionaries.
  45. MUNDOOAPSKW: Devil's Rock, now Jeddore Rock.
  46. MUNESKOOCHK: Muddy Creek, Prince Edward Island.
  47. MUNKWON: the rainbow.
  48. MUSQUODOBOIT: sparkling water, a river in Halifax County.
  50. NAOOKTEBOOGOOIK: big pond.
  51. NAPAN: Napan in Cumberland County.
  52. NAPUSKWA: to string beads.
  53. NEBE: a leaf.
  54. NEBELTOOK: Bartibog, name of a place.
  55. NEGWEK: Negwak Island.
  56. NELEGAKUNEK: Newport River.
  57. NELIKSAAK: Arichat.
  58. NEMCHEBOOGWEK: Middle River, Cape Breton.
  59. NEMTAKAYAK: Nemtage River.
  60. NEPIGIGUIT: on Chaleur Bay.
  61. NESEAMK: Sable River, Nova Scotia.
  62. NICTAHK: forks; Nictau.
  63. NOEL: where the ice-cakes float loosely.
  64. NOOGOOMKEAK: Moses River.
  65. NOOS-ABON, NOOSABON: the river Noosaboon.
  66. NTOOA'GWAKUN, NTOOAGWAKUN: Lot 49, Prince Edward Island.
  67. NTUBLOO: an army.
  68. OGOMKIGEOK: Liverpool River, Nova Scotia.
  69. OOCHAADOOCH: Margaree River's mouth. Cape Breton.
  70. OOCHOGUM: a point covered with oak.
  71. OOLASTOOK: St. John River, New Brunswick.
  72. OONBAN: a moose's bed.
  73. OONEGUN: portage.
  74. OONIKSKWOMKOOK: Point Miskwe.
  75. OWOOLAKUMOOEJIT: Famine, figuratively represented as an evil being.
  76. OWWOKUN: Portage River, Miramachi, New Brunswick.
  77. PAAKWAAK: stop here, you cannot go any further; Pockwock Lake.
  78. PAJEDOOBAACHK: Oyster Pond.
  79. PALAMOOA' SEBOO: Salmon River, Truro.
  81. PEDEADEK: ignis fatuss.
  82. PEGE: a side of meat, including all the ribs.
  83. PEMAMKEAK: Sand Island, Miramachi.
  84. PENTAGOUET: a river in New Brunswick.
  85. PESSYGUID: flowing squarely into the sea; Avon River in Windsor, Hants County.
  86. PETKOOTKWEAK: Peticodiac River
  87. PETOOBOK: Bras d'Or Lake in Cape Breton.
  88. PIJENOOISKAK: La Have River.
  89. PIKTOOK: Pictou.
  90. PIKTOO'JUK: Martin's River, Colchester, Nova Scotia.
  91. POGUMKEK: Pomket Harbor.
  92. PONHOOK: the first lake in a chain.
  93. POOGUNIKPECHK: Pictou Harbor.
  94. POOKUDAPSKWODE: Cape Procupine, on the Strait of Canso.
  95. POOTALEAWA: a basket.
  96. PUGOOOPSKOOK: Owl's Head in Hants County.
  97. PULAMOO: salmon.
  98. PULOWECHA MUWEGO: Partridge Island.
  99. PULOW-WECH: a partridge.
  100. SAA-GAA-BUN: the Micmac potato.
  101. SAA-GAA-BUN-AKADY: the place where the Micmac potato grows (Shubenacadie).
  102. BAKPULKWEAK: there is wet snow and ice there.
  103. SASAGEEM: a bare foot.
  104. SASOO GOOLE: Jesus Christ.
  105. SEBISKADAKUNCHEECH: Miscou Gully, Cape Breton.
  106. SEBOO: a river.
  107. SEBUNISK: Lockport, Nova Scotia.
  108. SEGUBUNAKADE: Shubenacadie.
  109. SESETKOOK: Chezetcook.
  110. SESIP, SESIPCHEECH: a bird.
  111. SES-MOGUN: sugar.
  112. SIGUNIKT: Chignecto.
  113. SIMKOOK: Petite River in Lunenburg.
  114. SKUDAKUMOOCHOOOWTE: Milky Way; the spirits' road.
  115. STEWIACHKE: where the fresh water joins the salt; a river in Colchester County.
  116. SUMSKWES: Pumpkin Island.
  117. SUNOW: sugar maple.
  118. TABOOETOOETUN: Rustico, P.E.I.
  119. TAOOOPSKIK: the river runs out between rocks. Hence the name of Annapolis River, Taooopskik.
  120. TAWITK: Petite Passage, N.S.
  121. TEAM: a moose.
  122. TESOGWODE: Pirate's Cover, on Canso Strait.
  123. TOOETUNOOK: Avon River, Hants County.
  124. TULUGADIK: Grand Lake, Halifax County.
  125. UKCHESEEBOO: a large river.
  126. UKTAKUMKOOK: Newfoundland.
  127. UKWTAKUN: starvation; in the Indian legends represented as a quasi demigod, whose howling and approach indicate death and destruction.
  128. ULGEDOO: a mushroom.
  129. ULGEDOOK: Port Medway.
  130. ULNOO: a man, as distinguished from all other animals.
  131. ULNOOE: to be a man, an Indian.
  132. ULNOOJECH: the eyeball; the little Indian; manikin.
  133. UMKOOME: ice.
  134. UPKOO: gum.
  135. UPKWAWEEGAN: Oak Point in Cornwallis.
  136. UPSKAMKOOK: Petite River in Hants County.
  137. UTKUBOK: Chebogue.
  138. WAGOBAGITK: literally, the bay runs far up; hence Cobequid.
  139. WECHKWEMKEAK: Mizzen Point.
  140. WEDAWELAK: the rain patters on the roof.
  141. WEGOON: a bean.
  142. WEIJOOIK: Sheet Harbor.
  143. WEIOPEK: a bead.
  144. WEISIS: a beast.
  145. WEJOWTIK: Point Prim.
  146. WEUKUCH: Margaree River, Cape Breton.
  148. WISUNAWON: Gay's River, in Halifax County.
  149. WOBABOOOKCHUK: white waters, Elm Tree River.
  150. WOBEAKADE: literally Swan land, now Broad River Lake.
  151. WOJEECHK: Pereaux in Cornwallis.
  152. WOKULOOPSKUSOW: Marble Head.
  153. WOKUMEAK: Nine-Mile River in Hants County.
  154. WOKUMUTKOOK: Middle River, Nova Scotia.
  155. WOLUMKWAKAGUNUCHK: Port Mulgrave.
  156. WOLUNKAK: Beaver Harbor.
  157. WONPAAK: Cole Harbor.
  158. WOSETUMOOEK: Newel River.
  159. WOSOKSEGEK: Martin's Point, near Londondeery, Colchester County, on Debert River.
  160. WOSOGWESOO-GWODE: Petite in Hants County, on the bay.
  161. WOSPEGEAK: Shoal Bay.
  162. WOSPOOIJIKTOOK: Among the seals; Herry Point, New Brunswick.
  163. YAP TEAM: a bull moose.

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