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Butterfly Names
This page contains names associated with butterflies.
Names meaning butterfly, chasing butterflies, butterfly activities, etc.

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  • MALE:

    1. PAPILLION: French name derived from the word papillon, meaning "butterfly."


    1. APONI: Native American name meaning "butterfly."

    2. CHO: Variant spelling of Japanese Chou, meaning "butterfly."

    3. CHOU (): Japanese name meaning "butterfly."

    4. ÉTAÍN: Irish name derived from the word éadan, Old Irish étan, cognate with Gaelic aodann ("face"), Latin ante ("against") and Sanskrit ánti ("opposite"). Étaín is the heroine of The Wooing of Étaín. She is the daughter of Ailill, king of the Ulaid, second wife to Midir, whose first wife, the jealous Fuamnach, turns her into a pool of water, then a worm, and finally a beautiful butterfly. 

    5. EUTHALIA (Ευθαλία): Greek name composed of the word eu "good, well" and the name Thalia "blooming, flourishing," hence "well-blooming/flourishing." This is the also the name of some species of butterflies. 

    6. FLUTURA: Albanian name meaning "butterfly."

    7. KELEBEK: Turkish name meaning "butterfly."

    8. KIMAMA: Native American Shoshone name meaning "butterfly."

    9. KIMIMELA: Native American Sioux name meaning "butterfly."

    10. KUWANYAUMA: Native American Hopi name meaning "butterfly showing beautiful wings."

    11. NOVA: Native American Hopi name meaning "chases butterflies." Compare with another form of Nova.
    12. PARVANA: Persian name meaning "butterfly."

    13. POLIKWAPTIWA: Native American Hopi name meaning "butterfly sitting on a flower."

    14. TETER: Armenian name meaning "butterfly."

    15. VANESSA: This English name is usually chosen for its association with the butterfly genus. Its origin remains uncertain despite the claim that it was invented by Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's Travels, for his intimate friend Esther Vanhomrigh. Supposedly he created it by combining the first syllable of her surname, Van-, with her first name, Esther, or the suffix -essa; but, if he created it at all, it is more likely that he based it on the Greek name Phanessa, substituting the "Ph" with the "V" from Esther's surname. Besides, the name may have existed before Swift's time. Phanessa is a feminine form of Orphic Phanes, the name of a primeval, hermaphroditic golden-winged god, meaning "bring to light; make appear." 

    16. VARTITER: Armenian name meaning "rose-butterfly."



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