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Pet Monkey Names
Names for pet monkeys, apes, chimps, gorillas, etc. Names that mean vine,
restless, good swinger, monkey lord, etc. Also see Hair Names and Wild Names.
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  1. FFION: Welsh form of Irish Gaelic F�ona, meaning "vine."
  2. FÍNE: Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Fíona, meaning "vine."
  3. FÍONA: Irish Gaelic name meaning "vine."
  4. FIONA: Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Fíona, meaning "vine."
  5. PAPINA: Native American Miwok name meaning "vine growing around an oak tree."
  6. TOTIT: From the Ethiopian word for a "female monkey."
  7. VIONA: Dutch form of Irish Gaelic F�ona, meaning "vine."


  1. AHOTE: Native American Hopi name meaning "restless one."

  2. AMPELIO: Italian form of Latin Ampelius, meaning "vine."

  3. AMPELIOS (Ἄμπελιος): Greek name derived from the word ampelos, meaning "vine."

  4. AMPELIUS: Latin form of Greek Ampelios, meaning "vine."

  5. HARISH (हरीश): Hindi name composed of the elements hari "monkey" and isa "lord," hence "monkey lord." In mythology, this is a name borne by Vishnu.

  6. SVERRE: Scandinavian form of Old Norse Sverrir, meaning "wild, restless."
  7. SVERRIR: Old Norse name which was originally a byname for a restless person, derived from the word sverra ("to spin, swing, swirl"), hence "wild, restless."
  8. VINICIO: Italian and Spanish form of Roman Latin Vinicius, meaning "vine."
  9. VINÍCIUS: Portuguese form of Roman Latin Vinicius, meaning "vine."
  10. VINICIUS: Roman name derived from the Latin word vinum, meaning "vine."
  11. HANUMAN (हनुमान्): Hindi name meaning "broken chin." In mythology, this is the name of a hero of the Ramayana who leads a monkey army against the demon king Ravana


  1. CHEETAH: name of Tarzan's chimpanzee friend, derived from the name of the cheetah cat, meaning "speckled."

  2. HISTER: From the vocabulary word meaning "to mimic, imitate, copycat, ape, parrot."



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