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Names That Brighten the Day
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An Associated Press reporter interviewed Everett Williams about the collection of unusual names he had made during his thirty-four years with the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics.  On Mr. Williams' list, the reporter found, are some that may brighten almost any vital statistician's day.  For example:

Mac Aroni
Betty Burp
Curlee Bush
Full Dress Coat
Emancipation Proclamation
Cherry Daiquiri
Pansy Flowers Greenwood
Sports Model Higginbotham
Strange Odor
Sky Rocket
Cigar Stubbs
Starlight Cauliflower Shaw
Tootsie Roll
Names chosen for twins include Early and Curly, A.C. and D.C. (perhaps the father was an electrician), Bigamy and Larceny, and Pete and Repeat (but apparently no Kate and Duplicate).

Mr. Williams' most unusual find? 5/8 Johnson, with a fraction instead of a first name!

Hook, J. N. The Book of Names, A Celebration of Mainly American Names: People, Places, and Things. Franklin Watts, 1983.



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