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If You Have A Hundred Sons
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An old Arabic saying is "If you have a hundred sons call them all Muhammad." A prolific Arab and his several wives and many concubines would thus presumably be paying great homage to the Prophet.

Whether any Arab ever followed this advice literally is unknown. But a Scot did as well as he could in a similar attempt.

Many Scots in the early eighteenth century were resentful because a Stuart was no longer on the throne of Great Britain. James Francis Edward Stuart (1688-1766), son of the deposed King James II, and later the king's grandson, Charles Edward Louis Philip Casimir Stuart (1720-1788), became known in turn in England as "The Pretender." The latter, Charles Edward, was widely called by the Scots "Bonnie Prince Charlie." In Scotland these Stuarts were considered the legitimate rulers, and battles, such as the famous one at Culloden Moor, were fought in their behalf.

One fervent Scot, whose wife bore him fourteen sons, named each of them Charles Edward, in honor of the bonnie prince.

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