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From One Pierre to Another
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The friends of young Pierre Fox of San Francisco kept making fun of his given name.  His father, who had chosen it, was dead, and Pierre had no idea why a name so unusual in the United States had been selected for him.  Learning that the governor of Delaware was also a Pierre, the boy wrote to him asking whether he liked the name and if he could suggest a good nickname for Pierre.  Here is the governor's reply:

June 23, 1982

Dear Pierre:

Thanks for taking the time to write to me about your name.  My family taught me to be proud of my name, and you should be proud of yours, too.  "Pierre" is a great name that goes way back in history, and you and I are lucky enough to be among the few people in the country who have it.

I can think of many other people named Pierre who are famous.  Pierre Trudeau is the prime minister of Candad; Pierre Curie was a famous scientist; Pierre Auguste Renoir was a famous painter.  And don't forget all those famous hockey players named Pierre.

My ancestors were French, and my namesake lived in France before the 1800s.  Perhaps you have some French ancestors too, and that's why your dad chose your name.

My father's name is Pierre, and I have a son named Pierre.  My son is twenty-two years old and very proud of his name.  As for nicknames, I am called Pete, and that might be a good nickname for you.

You bet I will be your friend.  There aren't many of us "Pierres" around, so we better stick together.

Your friend,
(s) Pierre S. du Pont

The governor might have suggested another appropriate nickname - Rocky, because Pierre, Peter, Pietro, and their equivalents mean (rock).  One of the few puns in the New Testament is based on that fact.  In Matthew 16:18 Jesus is reported as saying, "Thou are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church."

Hook, J. N. The Book of Names, A Celebration of Mainly American Names: People, Places, and Things. Franklin Watts, 1983.



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