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Male Hawaiian Names

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  1. AALONA: Hawaiian form of English Aaron, meaning "light-bringer."
  2. AKAMU: Hawaiian form of Hebrew Adam, meaning "earth" or "red."
  3. AKONI: Short form of Hawaiian Anakoni, possibly meaning "invaluable." 
  4. ANAKONI: Hawaiian form of English Anthony, possibly meaning "invaluable." 
  5. BANE: Hawaiian name meaning "long-awaited child."
  6. EKEWAKA: Hawaiian form of English Edward, meaning "guardian of prosperity."
  7. IAKOPA: Hawaiian form of Greek Iakob, meaning "supplanter."
  8. IKAIA: Hawaiian form of English Isaiah, meaning "God is salvation."
  9. IKAIKA: Hawaiian name meaning "strong."
  10. IOKUA: Hawaiian form of English Joshua, meaning "God is salvation."
  11. IUKINI: Hawaiian form of English Eugene, meaning "well born."
  12. KAI: Hawaiian unisex name meaning "sea." Compare with other forms of Kai.
  13. KAILA: Hawaiian unisex name meaning "style." Compare with strictly feminine Kaila.
  14. KAIMANA: Hawaiian unisex name meaning "diamond" or "sea filled with Mana."
  15. KAIMI: Hawaiian name meaning "the seeker."
  16. KALANI: Hawaiian unisex name composed of the elements ka "the" and lani "heaven, sky," hence "the heaven, the sky."
  17. KALE: Hawaiian form of English/French Charles, meaning "man." 
  18. KALEO: Hawaiian name composed of the elements ka "the" and leo "sound, voice," hence "the sound, the voice."
  19. KANA: This is the name of a Maui demigod who is said to have been able to take the form of a rope and stretch from Molokai to Hawaii.
  20. KANOA: Hawaiian name meaning "the free one."
  21. KAPENA: Hawaiian name meaning "captain."
  22. KAPONO: Hawaiian name meaning "righteous."
  23. KEAHI: Hawaiian name meaning "flames."
  24. KEANU: Hawaiian name composed of the elements ke "the" and anu "cool," hence "the cool."
  25. KEAWEAHEULU: Hawaiian name meaning "cool breeze over the mountains."
  26. KEKIPI: Hawaiian name meaning "rebel."
  27. KEKOA: Hawaiian name meaning "the brave one."
  28. KELOME: Hawaiian form of Greek Hieronymos, meaning "holy name."
  29. KEOKI: Hawaiian form of English George, meaning "earth-worker, farmer."
  30. KEOKOLO: Hawaiian form of English Theodore, meaning "gift of God."
  31. KEONI: Hawaiian form of Latin Johannes, meaning "God is gracious."
  32. KIMO: Hawaiian form of English James, meaning "supplanter."
  33. KOI: Hawaiian name meaning "implore; urge."
  34. KONANI: Hawaiian unisex name meaning "bright."
  35. LIKO: Hawaiian name meaning "bud."
  36. LUKA: Hawaiian and Russian form of Greek Loukas, meaning "from Lucania."
  37. MAKAIO: Hawaiian form of English Matthew, meaning "gift of God."
  38. MAKANI: Hawaiian name meaning "wind."
  39. MALEKO: Hawaiian form of English Mark, meaning "defense" or "of the sea."
  40. MANO: Hawaiian name meaning "passionate lover; shark."
  41. MIKALA: Hawaiian form of Hebrew Miyka'el, meaning "who is like God?"
  42. MOANA: Hawaiian unisex name meaning "wide expanse of water."
  43. MOKE: Hawaiian form of Hebrew Moshe, meaning "drawn out."
  44. NAHELE: Hawaiian name meaning "forest."
  45. OKE: Hawaiian form of English Oscar, meaning "god-spear."
  46. PELEKE: Hawaiian form of English Frederick, meaning "peaceful ruler."
  47. PENI: Hawaiian form of English Ben (Benedict), meaning "blessed."
  48. PIKA: Hawaiian form of English Peter, meaning "rock, stone."
  49. PILIPO: Hawaiian form of English Philip, meaning "lover of horses."

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