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Female Serbian Names

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  1. ADRIJANA (Адријана): Feminine form of Serbian/Slovene Adrijan, meaning "from Hadria."
  2. ANA (Bulgarian and Serbian: Ана): Bulgarian and Serbian form of Greek Hanna, meaning "favor; grace."

  3. ANDJELA (Анђела): Serbian form of Latin Angela, meaning "angel, messenger."
  4. BILJANA (Биљана): Serbian name meaning "herb."
  5. BOJANA (Боjaна): Feminine form of Serbian/Slovene Bojan, meaning "warrior."
  6. BRANISLAVA (Бранислава): Feminine form of Serbian Branislav, meaning "glorious protector." Also in use by the Czechs, Slovaks and Slovenians.
  7. BRANKA (Бранка): Pet form of Serbian Branislava, meaning "glorious protector."
  8. DANIJELA (Данијела): Feminine form of Serbian Danijel, meaning "God is my judge."
  9. DEJANA (Дејана): Feminine form of Serbian Dejan, meaning "to take action."
  10. DIJANA (Дијана): Serbian form of Latin Diana, meaning "divine, heavenly."
  11. DRAGANA (Serbian: Драгана): Feminine form of Slavic Dragan, meaning "dear, beloved." In use by the Croatians and Serbians.
  12. DRAGOSLAVA (Serbian: Драгослава): Feminine form of Slavic Dragoslav, meaning "precious glory." In use by the Serbians.
  13. FILIPA (Филипа): Feminine form of Serbian Filip, meaning "lover of horses."
  14. GORDANA (Serbian: Гордана): Croatian and Serbian form of Roman Latin Gordiana, meaning "from Gordium."
  15. GRUBANA: Serbian name meaning "tender."
  16. JAGODA: Croatian and Serbian name meaning "strawberry." Compare with another form of Jagoda.
  17. JELENA (Јелена): Serbian form of Greek Helénē, probably meaning "torch." Compare with other forms of Jelena.
  18. JOVANA (Јована): Feminine form of Serbian Jovan, meaning "God is gracious."
  19. JOVANKA (Јованка): Pet form of Serbian Jovana, meaning "God is gracious."
  20. LJUBICA (Љубица): Serbian name meaning "violet flower."
  21. MILINKA: Serbian name meaning "grace."
  22. MILJANA: Serbian name meaning "charming."
  23. MIRJANA: Croatian and Serbian form of Hebrew Miryam, meaning "obstinacy, rebelliousness" or "their rebellion." 
  24. NATALIJA: Croatian, Serbian and Slovene form of Latin Natalia, meaning "birthday," or in Church Latin "Christmas day." 
  25. NATAŠA (Serbian: Наташа): Croatian, Serbian and Slovene form of Russian Natasha, meaning "birthday," or in Church Latin "Christmas day."
  26. RADMILA (Радмила): Feminine form of Serbian Radmilo, meaning "happy favor."
  27. RADOJKA (Радојка): Serbian name meaning "joy."
  28. SENKA: Serbian name meaning "shadow."
  29. SLAVICA (Славица): Serbian name meaning "glory."
  30. SLAVNA (Славна): Serbian name meaning "glorious."
  31. SNEŽANA (Снежана): Serbian form of Croatian Snjezana, meaning "snow woman."
  32. SOFIJA (София): Croatian and Serbian form of Greek Sophia, meaning "wisdom."
  33. SREBRENKA: Serbian name meaning "silver."
  34. SUZANA (Сузана): Serbian form of Greek Sousánna, meaning "lily." Compare with other forms of Suzana.
  35. TATJANA (Serbian: Татјана): Croatian and Serbian form of Latin Tatiana, probably meaning "father."
  36. TIJANA (Тијана): Serbian name meaning "peace."
  37. VEDRANA (Serbian: Ведрана): Croatian and Serbian name meaning "jolly, merry."
  38. VESNA (Serbian: Весна): Slavic myth name of a goddess of spring, meaning "messenger." In use by the Croatians, Latvians, and Serbians.
  39. ZORA (Зора): Feminine form of Serbian Zoran, meaning "light of dawn." Compare with another form of Zora.

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