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Micmac Dictionary
LIST OF MICMAC NAMES of Places, Rivers, Animals, Things, Etc., in Nova Scotia. Compiled by Elizabeth Frame.
Cambridge: John Wilson and Son. University Press, 1892.

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SOUND OF LETTERS IN MICMAC: The consonants are sounded as in English: g is always hard, as in go, egg, and c exactly like k; ch as in church; h following a vowel in the same syllable is a soft guttural, like the German ch in Ich. There is no f in Micmac; when attempting to pronounce French or English words which contain this letter, the Indians give it the sound of b or p.

The following are examples of the peculiarity termed "holophrastic," where a single word stands for a sentence: --

  • Boon, the sitting place, the cross-piece on which the paddler sits.
  • Boosenech, let us take a trip by water, let us go in a canoe.
  • Epkwose, I have a shelter from the rain over my head.
  • Kamatk, bushes yonder, beyond a cleared place.
  • Nespe, to be stopping in the wigwam to take care of it, while the others are away.
  • Newopskitk, the bed of the river is dry, and the rocks are bare.
  • Wopk, the morning light, -- "the opening of the eye of the morning."

* * *

  1. ABADE: a boundary.
  2. ABAKTOOE: the great auk.
  3. ABE: a bow for an arrow.
  4. AGAMOK: white ash.
  5. AGOOMAKUN: Apple River, Cumberland County.
  6. AGOOMAKUNUK: Sand River, Cumberland County.
  7. AH-MAH-GOPS-KE-GEEK, AHMAHGOPSKEGEEK: tumbling over rocks; Tangier River.
  8. AJEOK'CHEMIN, AJEOKCHEMIN: a blackberry.
  9. AKKADA: abundance of things; plenty of ground-nuts; hence Acadie (French).
  10. AKUM: a snow-shoe; raquette.
  11. AMLAMEKW: a mackerel.
  12. ANESAAK: Salmon River.
  13. ANSAAKW: New Harbor.
  14. APCHEECHKUMOOCHWAAKADE: Duck land. Hence the French name Canard River.
  15. APAIBOOGWECHK: Port le Bear.
  16. ASEEDIK: Lunenburg.
  17. ASOOEMANOKSE: a creeping blackberry vine.
  18. ASPATOGON: a headland on the Atlantic.
  19. BAKTABA: a bay
  20. BANOOK: the first lake as you ascend a river.
  21. BANOOOPSKEK: opening out through rocks, as Penobscot.
  22. BANOOSKEK: entrance into Bras d'Or Lake
  23. BANOSKEK: a water passage between two lakes.
  25. BAPKOOK: the birch bark will easily peel.
  26. BASLOOAAKADE: St. Peter's Island, near Prince Edward Island.
  27. BOOKT: the head of a bay.
  29. BOOKTAO: fire; hence fire-water; alcohol.
  30. BOOKTOULAYGUN: fireworks; Toney River.
  31. BOOKTOWAAGUN: Mill Creek on the River Hebert in Cumberland County
  32. BOONAMOOKWODE: Salmon River, Yarmouth.
  33. BOSTOON: America.
  34. BOSTOONKAWAACH: an American
  36. BROOKSAKE: Charlottetown Harbor, Prince Edward Island.
  37. CAJJ-BOOGINEK: winding through the wilderness; River John.
  38. CALUGET: Carraget Harbor.
  39. CANSOKE: facing the frowning cliff; Canso.
  40. CASKUMPEC: flowing through the sand; Casenmpec, P.E. Island.
  41. CAYDYBUNNYGEK: clam diggings; Boot Island, Horton.
  42. CHEBOOKT: Halifax, from Ukchebookt, the largest harbor or bay.
  43. CHEEMA: to paddle a canoe.
  44. CHEGAOO: bass; a fish.
  45. CHEGUMAKUN: a rattle; an Indian tambourine.
  46. CHIJIKWTOOK: Cornwallis River.
  48. CHIKCHOWWEGUNEJUL: roseberries; also the name of an orange.
  49. CHIPCHOWWECH: a robin.
  50. CWESOMALLYGEEK: Hardwood Ridge, Cumberland.
  51. EBEDEK: Bedeque, P.E. Island.
  52. ELMUNAKUNCHEECH: Little Sevogal River.
  53. ELSETKOOK: Bear River in Nova Scotia.
  54. EMSUK: Port Jolli.
  55. EPPAYGUIT: anchored on the wave; Prince Edward Island.
  56. ESKUMAAGA: to eat raw flesh; hence the name of the eskimo Indians, eaters of raw flesh.
  57. ESKUMUNAAK: Mount Skumunak.
  58. ESKUMUNAAK: Point Skimenack, in New Brunswick.
  59. ESKWODEK: Murray Harbor, P.E.I.
  60. ESPAKUMEGEK: high land. Green Hill, Pictou County.
  61. GASPECH: Gaspe; far into the water.
  62. GLOOSCAP: a manitou who dwelt in the Bay of Fundy, at Blomidon.
  63. GOOLWAGOPSKOOCH: Port George.
  64. GUL-WAHGAHGEK: the home of the sea-cow; Quaco, New Brunswick.
  65. INSKOOOMADEEDICH: Lakeland, N.S.
  66. KABEM: the border of a lake.
  67. KAGWEAMKEK: Port Hood.
  68. KAKAGWEK: a place of dried meat; now Hantsport, in Hants County.
  69. KAKWELEEGIGUN: a snow-bank.
  70. KALEBOO: caribou.
  71. KALEBOODE: a shovel. Hence Kaleboo, carbou, the shoveller, because they shovel up the snow with their broad feet in digging down for the moss on which they feed.
  72. KATKOOCH' and KATKOOLCH': Brooklyn, Queens County, Nova Scotia.
  73. KEASKUNOO'GWEJIT, KEASKUNOOGWEJIT: a mighty chopper, a fabulous being who cuts down trees; you hear the chopping, the workman is invisible, but the tree falls.
  74. KEBAMKEAK': Bathurst, on the Bay of Chaleur.
  75. KEBAPSKITK: the stream that connects two lakes. The six lakes on the Liverpool River, as you go up stream:
    1. Panook
    2. Kedooskek
    3. Pushugook'
    4. Kejimkoojik
    5. Imutkaak
    6. Toobeadoogook 

    Lakes on Salmon River, east of Halifax:

  1. Usoogomusoogwedamk'
  2. Milpaachk
  3. Utkoskwaachk
  4. Kloocheowpaachk
  5. Nemchenokpaachk
  6. Noogoomkubaak
  7. Mtabes-waakade (where mud-catfish abound)

On Port Medway River are:

  1. Banook
  2. Maligeak'
  1. KEBBEK: narrows; Quebec
  2. KEGUMOOSK: Little River, a branch of the Restigouche.
  3. KEKWAJOO: a badger.
  4. KENOMEE: Sandy Point, now Economy, in Colchester County.
  5. KESAPSKUL: Apesookaam Lake.
  6. KESEGOO: an aged man.
  7. KESEGOOAAKW: an aged porpoise or seal.
  8. KESEGOO'E, KESEGOOE: an aged bird.
  9. KESEGOOEESKW: an aged woman.
  10. KESEGOOK: an aged porcupine.
  11. KESEGOO'MSK, KESEGOOMSK: an aged beaver.
  12. KESEGOO'SUM, KESEGOOSUM: an aged dog.
  13. KESEGOO'TKW, KESEGOOTKW: an aged cow, moose, horse.
  14. KESKAAK: the wood is broad.
  15. KESKOOSPAAK: Little River.
  16. KESKUTKWEK: the river is broad.
  17. KESOKUDEK: the neighborhood of Archibald's Mills at Truro.
  18. KESOOSKOWOSTOOGWEK: Middle River, Pictou.
  19. KESOOSKWOSTOOGWEK: Little River, a branch of Sheet Harbor River.
  21. KEESPOOGWITK: Land's End, Yarmouth.
  22. KIKCHEBOOGWEK: Cavendish, Prince Edward Island.
  23. KITPOO: an eagle.
  24. KITPOOAAKADE: Cape Shubenacadie.
  25. KITPOO-AYKADDY: a place of eagles, near the river Shubenacadie, now known as the Eagles' Nest.
  26. KLOOPSKEAAKADE: Bird Island.
  27. KOBET: a beaver.
  28. KOBETEK: Aylesford Bog.
  30. KOOKUMIJENAGWANAK: Cape Dolphin.
  31. KOOLPESOO'N, KOOLPESOON: an anchor.
  32. KOOLPIJOOIK: Petpiswick Harbor.
  33. KOOSPEM: a lake.
  34. KOW-WEEK, KOWWEEK: porcupine quills.
  35. KTADOOSOK: Saguenay River.
  36. KULOKWEJOOK: Mary Joseph, below Halifax.
  37. KULUMOOEJEMANOKSE: bilberry.
  38. KWEBEK: the head of the tide, now Bedford.
  39. KWEMOODEECH: Pope's Harbor.
  40. KWESOMALEGEK: a hard-wood Point, now Fort Lawrence.
  41. KWESOW-WAAK, KWESOWWAAK: a cape of land.
  42. LOGUMKEEGUN: Shelburne.
  43. LUNTOOK: deer.
  44. LUSKUCH: Manadoo in Cape Breton.
  45. LUSTEGOOCH: Restigouche River.

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