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Female Italian Names

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  1. ABELIE: Italian form of Latin Abelia, the name of a genus of "honeysuckle." 
  2. ADALINA: Variant spelling of Italian/Spanish Adelina, meaning "little noble."
  3. ADELINA: Italian and Spanish diminutive form of Latin Adela, meaning "little noble." Compare with another form of Adelina.
  4. ADONA: Feminine form of Italian Adone, meaning "my lord."
  5. ADRIANA: Feminine form of Latin Adrianus, Spanish Adrián, and Italian Adriano, all meaning "from Hadria." 
  6. AGATA: Italian and Spanish form of Latin Agatha, meaning "good." Compare with another form of Agata.

  7. AGNESE: Italian and Latvian form of Greek Hagne, meaning "chaste; holy."
  8. AGOSTINA: Feminine form of Italian Agostino, meaning "venerable."
  9. ALBA: Italian and Spanish name meaning "dawn."
  10. ALBERTA: Feminine form of Italian Alberto, meaning "bright nobility." Compare with another form of Alberta.

  11. ALBERTINA: Diminutive form of Italian Alberta, meaning "bright nobility."
  12. ALDA: Feminine form of Italian Aldo, meaning "noble."
  13. ALESSA: Pet form of Italian Alessandra, meaning "defender of mankind."
  14. ALESSANDRA: Feminine form of Italian Alessandro, meaning "defender of mankind."

  15. ALESSIA: Feminine form of Italian Alessio, meaning "defender." 

  16. ALFONSINA: Italian feminine form of Italian/Spanish Alfonso, meaning "noble and ready."

  17. ALLEGRA: Italian name meaning "cheerful and lively."

  18. ALLEGRIA: Variant spelling of Italian Allegra, meaning "cheerful and lively."

  19. AMBRA: Italian form of English Amber, meaning "amber."

  20. AMEDEA: Feminine form of Italian Amadeo, meaning "to love God."
  21. ANDREINA: Feminine form of Italian Andrea, meaning "man; warrior."
  22. ANGELICA: Feminine form of Italian Angelico, meaning "angelic." 
  23. ANGIOLA: Feminine form of Italian Angiolo, meaning "angel, messenger."

  24. ANGIOLETTA: Pet form of Italian Angiola, meaning "little angel/messenger."

  25. ANJELICA: Variant spelling of Italian Angelica, meaning "angelic."

  26. ANNALISA: Italian compound name composed of Latin Anna "favor; grace," and Lisa "God is my oath." Compare with another form of Annalisa.

  27. ANNETTA: Italian diminutive form of Latin Anna, meaning "favor; grace."
  28. ANONCIADA: Variant spelling of Italian Annunziata, meaning "announces."
  29. ANNUNCIATA: Variant spelling of Italian Annunziata, meaning "announces."

  30. ANNUNZIATA: Italian name meaning "announces," referring to the Annunciation. Sometimes considered a month name for March.

  31. ANTONIA (Bulgarian: Антония): Feminine form of Roman Latin Antonius, possibly meaning "invaluable." In use by the English, Italians and Spanish. Compare with another form of Antonia.

  32. ANTONIETTA: Diminutive form of Latin Antonia, possibly meaning "invaluable." In use by the Italians and Spanish.
  33. ANUNCIATA: Variant spelling of Italian Annunziata, meaning "announces."
  34. ARABELLA: Italian name meaning "answered prayer." Compare with another form of Arabella.
  35. ARIANNA: Italian form of Latin Ariadne, meaning "utterly pure."
  36. ASSUNTA: Italian form of Spanish Asunción, meaning "assumption."
  37. AZZURRA: Italian equivalent of English Azure, meaning "sky blue."
  38. BEATRICE: Italian form of Latin Viatrix, meaning "voyager (through life)."
  39. BENEDETTA: Feminine form of Italian Benedetto, meaning "blessed."
  40. BENIGNA: Feminine form of Italian Benigno, meaning "kind."
  41. BERNARDETTA: Feminine form of Italian Bernardo, meaning "bold as a bear."
  42. BERTINA: Short form of Italian Albertina, meaning "bright nobility." 
  43. BETTINA: Pet form of Italian Benedetta, meaning "blessed." Compare with another form of Bettina.
  44. BIANCA: Italian form of French Blanche, meaning "white." 
  45. BIBIANA: Italian and Spanish form of Roman Latin Viviana, meaning "alive." 
  46. BICE: Pet form of Italian Beatrice, meaning "voyager (through life)."
  47. BONFILIA: Feminine form of Italian Bonfilio, meaning "good daughter."
  48. BRUNILDA: Italian and Spanish form of Old Norse Brynhildr, meaning "armored warrior woman." 
  49. CALANDRA: Italian surname transferred to forename use, meaning "skylark." This name may have originally been a byname for someone with a good singing voice.
  50. CALOGERA: Feminine form of Italian Calogero, meaning "beautiful elder."
  51. CALVINA: Feminine form of of Italian Calvino, meaning "little bald one."
  52. CAPRICE: Italian name meaning "impulsive; ruled by whim." 
  53. CAPRICIA: Elaborated form of Italian Caprice, meaning "impulsive; ruled by whim." 
  54. CARLA: Feminine form of Italian Carlo, meaning "man." Compare with another form of Carla.
  55. CARLITA: Feminine form of Italian Carlo, meaning "man."
  56. CARLOTA: Variant spelling of Italian Carlotta, meaning "man."
  57. CARLOTTA: Pet form of Italian Carla, meaning "man."
  58. CATERINA: Italian form of Greek Aikaterine, meaning "pure."
  59. CELESTINA: Feminine form of Italian/Spanish Celestino, meaning "heavenly."
  60. CELIA: Italian form of Latin Cælia, probably meaning "heaven." Compare with another form of Celia.
  61. CESARINA: Feminine form of Italian Cesarino, meaning "severed."
  62. CHIARA: Italian form of Latin Clara, meaning "clear, bright."
  63. CHIARINA: Pet form of Italian Chiara, meaning "clear, bright."
  64. CINZIA: Italian form of Latin Cynthia, meaning "woman from Kynthos."
  65. CIPRIANA: Feminine form of Italian Cipriano, meaning "from Cyprus." 
  66. CLARA: Feminine form of Latin Clarus, meaning "clear, bright." In use by the English and Italians.
  67. COCO: Originally from the Italian occupational name for a "cook," it is now in continental use as a pet form of longer names beginning with Co-.
  68. COLOMBINA: Feminine form of Italian Colombano, meaning "dove."
  69. CONCETTA: Italian form of Spanish Concepción, meaning "conception."
  70. CONCETTINA: Pet form of Italian Concetta, meaning "conception."
  71. CONSOLATA: Italian form of Spanish Consuelo, meaning "consolation."
  72. COSIMA: Feminine form of Italian Cosimo, meaning "order, beauty."
  73. CRISTIANA: Feminine form of Italian Cristiano, meaning "believer" or "follower of Christ."
  74. CROCETTA: Pet form of Italian Crocifissa, meaning "cross; crucifix" or "way of the cross." 
  75. CROCIFISSA: Feminine form of Italian Crocifisso, meaning "cross; crucifix" or "way of the cross." 
  76. DAFNE: Italian form of Greek Daphne, meaning "laurel."
  77. DANIELA: Feminine form of Italian Daniele, meaning "God is my judge." Compare with another form of Daniela.
  78. DEBORA: Italian form of Hebrew Debowrah, meaning "bee."
  79. DELFINA: Italian and Spanish form of Latin Delphina, meaning "woman from Delphi." 
  80. DESIDERIA: Feminine form Italian/Spanish Desiderio, meaning "longing."
  81. DETTA: Short form of Italian names ending with -detta.
  82. DIAMANTE: Italian name meaning "diamond."
  83. DOMENICA: Feminine form of Italian Domenico, meaning "belongs to the lord." 
  84. DONA: Short form of Italian Adona, meaning "my lord."
  85. DONATA: Feminine form of Italian Donato, meaning "given (by God)."
  86. DONATELLA: Pet form of Italian Donata, meaning "given (by God)."
  87. DOROTEA: Italian and Spanish form of Latin Dorothea, meaning "gift of God." Compare with another form of Dorotea.
  88. DRINA: Short form of Italian/Spanish Adriana, meaning "from Hadria." In use by the Romani.
  89. EDDA: Pet form of Italian Edvige, meaning "contending battle." Compare with another form of Edda.
  90. EDMONDA: Feminine form of Italian Edmondo, meaning "protector of prosperity."
  91. EDVIGE: Italian form of German Hedwig, meaning "contending battle."
  92. ELDA: Old Italian form of German Hilda, meaning "battle." Not in use before the 20th century. 
  93. ELENA: Italian and Spanish form of Greek Helénē, possibly meaning "torch."
  94. ELEONORA: Italian form of Provençal Aliénor, meaning "foreign; the other."
  95. ELETTRA: Italian form of Latin Electra, meaning "bright, shining."
  96. ELISABETTA: Italian form of Greek Elisabet, meaning "God is my oath."
  97. ELMA: Feminine form of Italian Elmo, meaning "helmet, protection."
  98. ELNORA: Contracted form of Italian Eleonora, meaning "foreign; the other."
  99. ELOISA: Italian and Spanish form of Latin Elwisia, meaning "hale-wide; very healthy and sound." 
  100. EMILIANA: Feminine form of Italian/Spanish Emiliano, meaning "rival."
  101. ENRICA: Feminine form of Italian Enrico, meaning "home-ruler."
  102. ENRICHETTA: Old diminutive form of Italian Enrica, meaning "home-ruler."
  103. ERMINIA: Feminine form of Italian Erminio, possibly meaning "of the earth."
  104. ERNESTA: Feminine form of Italian/Spanish Ernesto, meaning "battle (to the death), serious business."
  105. ERSILIA: Italian form of Latin Hersilia, meaning "delicate, tender."
  106. EUFEMIA: Italian form of Greek Euphêmia, meaning "Well I speak."
  107. EULA: Short form of Italian Eulalia, meaning "well-spoken."
  108. EULALIA: Feminine form of Italian Eulalio, meaning "well-spoken." 
  109. FABRIZIA: Feminine form of Italian Fabrizio, meaning "craftsman."
  110. FEDERICA: Italian feminine form of Italian/Spanish Federico, meaning "peaceful ruler."
  111. FELÌCITA: Italian form of Roman Latin Felicitas, meaning "fortune; good luck."
  112. FELISA: Italian form of Latin Felicia, meaning "happy" or "lucky."
  113. FERDINANDA: Feminine form of Italian Ferdinando, meaning "ardent for peace."
  114. FIAMMETTA: Italian name composed of the word fiamma "fire" and a diminutive suffix, meaning "little fire."
  115. FILOMENA: Variant spelling of Italian Filumena, meaning "friend of ease."
  116. FILUMENA: Italian form of Greek Philomena, meaning "friend of ease."
  117. FINA: Short form of Italian Serafina, meaning "burning one" or "serpent." Also used as a short form of other names ending with -fina. The masculine form is Fino.
  118. FIORALBA: Italian name composed of the elements fiore "flower" and alba "dawn," meaning "flower of dawn."
  119. FIORE: Medieval Italian unisex name derived from the word fiore, meaning "flower."
  120. FIORELLA: Feminine diminutive form of Italian unisex Fiore ("flower"), meaning "little flower." Fiorello is the masculine form.
  121. FIORENZA: Feminine form of Italian Fiorenzo, meaning "blossoming."
  122. FLORENTINA: Feminine form of Italian Florentino, meaning "blossoming."
  123. FLORIANA: Feminine form of Italian Floriano, meaning "flower."
  124. FORTUNATA: Feminine form of Italian Fortunato, meaning "fortunate."
  125. FRANCA: Short form of Italian Francesca, meaning "French."
  126. FRANCESCA: Feminine form of Italian Francesca, meaning "French."
  127. FULVIA: Feminine form of Italian Fulvio, meaning "yellow."
  128. GABRIELLA: Feminine form of Italian Gabriele, meaning "man of God" or "warrior of God."
  129. GAETANA: Feminine form of Italian Gaetano, meaning "from Caieta (Gaeta, Italy)."
  130. GELTRUDE: Italian form of German Gertrude, meaning "spear strength."
  131. GEMMA: Italian name meaning "precious stone."
  132. GENEVRA: Variant spelling of Italian Ginevra, probably meaning "race of women."
  133. GENOVEFFA: Italian form of Celtic Genovefa, probably meaning "race of women."
  134. GIACHETTA: Feminine pet form of Italian Giacomo, meaning "supplanter."
  135. GIACINTA: Feminine form of Italian Giacinto, meaning "hyacinth flower."
  136. GIADA: Italian name meaning "jade."
  137. GIANNA: Contracted form of Italian Giovanna, meaning "God is gracious."
  138. GILDA: Italian name derived from the Germanic element gild, meaning "sacrifice." Compare with other forms of Gilda.
  139. GINA: Pet form of Italian Giorgina "earth-worker, farmer," Luigina "famous warrior," and other Italian names ending with -gina. Compare with other forms of Gina.
  140. GINEVRA: Italian form of Celtic Genovefa, probably meaning "race of women."
  141. GIOCONDA: Italian name derived from Latin Jucunda, meaning "happy."
  142. GIOFFREDA: Feminine form of Italian Goffredo, meaning "God's peace."
  143. GIOIA: Italian name meaning "happiness."
  144. GIORGIA: Feminine form of Italian Giorgio, meaning "earth-worker, farmer."
  145. GIORGINA: Pet form of Italian Giorgia, meaning "earth-worker, farmer."
  146. GIOSETTA: Diminutive form of Italian Giuseppina, meaning "(God) shall add (another son)." 
  147. GIOVANNA: Feminine form of Italian Giovanni, meaning "God is gracious."
  148. GIOVANNETTA: Pet form of Italian Giovanna, meaning "God is gracious."
  149. GISELLA: Italian form of German Gisela, meaning "pledge, hostage, noble offspring."
  150. GIULIA: Feminine form of Italian Giulio, meaning "descended from Jupiter (Jove)."

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